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Mobile Sign-Up in Direct Mail

Here is a direct mail example from Dick's Sporting Goods where they promote their social media and Mobile Sign-up.  This is a great example of using direct mail to promote online endeavors.

Do you have other examples?
What has worked and not worked for you?
Do you use mobile for your marketing Campaigns?

Transactional Emails Can Provide Big Returns

A transactional email is an email that is sent in response to an action. The most common types of transactional emails are order confirmations, ship confirmations, and order tracking emails. Transactional emails are generally high performers. On average they have seven times the open rate and four times the click rate when compared to bulk email. Also, transaction rates (i.e. purchases) can be four to eight times higher in transaction emails compared to bulk emails.

Here are a few reasons why these types of emails perform so well are:

  • Transitional emails are sent to already engaged (purchasers) email addresses.
  • The recipients in most cases are expecting an email after a transaction and then interact with it once it arrives.
  • Since the recipients are already engaged with your brand, they have a higher chance of making another purchase from the transactional email.
10 Transactional Email Best Practices:
  1. Say "Thank You" in the email
  2. Send optimized transactional emails using HTML
  3. Include your branding
  4. Include dynamic product cross-sells using product recommendation engines, or seasonal offers
  5. Provide a link to track order and shipping status
  6. Include some site navigation in the email creative
  7. Test the Inclusion of an offer ($ off, % off, free shipping, etc.)
  8. Include links to all of your Social Media efforts
  9. Promote email sign up
  10. Do not include an offer in the subject line or as the main message
Let me know when you are ready to begin or enhance your Transactional Emails!