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Email Marketing Don'ts

It's difficult enough getting the word out and attracting the right attention to your campaign. Whether it's for a cause or a way to help generate business and attention, you don't want to put out the wrong message. Otherwise, you could be doing far more harm than good. It's important that you take the right approach and learn from the mistakes of others.

Here's a list of some of the biggest don'ts when you're devising an email marketing campaign:

Begging for Patronage
You want to constantly make people aware of your products and services, but if you beg someone for their patronage, you run the risk of really turning potential business and clients off. Instead of begging, which comes across as needing or desperate, think of ways in which newsletters and information can seem more like an update to what's happening in your business. Sometimes letting people know that your company or organization is still active and taking new steps can be enough to keep them interested in your products or services. Don't bombard people with endless attempts to sell yourself.

Some might argue that spamming is an overall effective approach to business, but by no means should you do this – and do not associate with these people. Do not send spam emails regardless of what anyone says. If you're just throwing email addresses that you come across onto your email list, you're likely to get deleted quickly and harm your online reputation. Instead, get in touch with the people who really want your services. If you're not sure who your specific demographic is, then use a company like SurveyHead that will put you in touch with those who really want your business.

Graphic Heavy Content
You don't want your emails to seem stagnant, but there's a big difference between adding a few well placed images that spice up your message and making your emails look like a cartoonist threw up on them. Having flashing banners and animated gifts can send the wrong message to people you're trying to do business with. You want to come of as professional. So remember, less is usually more.  (There is, however, a definite time and place for a well placed animated.gif)

These are some common email marking mistakes that people often make. You want to ensure that you're taking the right approach with your business. Otherwise, you may have had the best of intentions, but you could end up shooting yourself in the proverbial foot with some bad approaches.

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