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URL in the Subject Line? - http://www.R-U-Serious??

I was reading a ClickZ post today about what you should and should not do in email. One suggestion struck me as odd.  It was that you should put URLs in the subject line!  Really? Why?  The author thinks this is a good idea and might catch on.

With the popularity of Tiny URL and other link reducing sites this is entirely possible.   

How do you feel about this?

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Share your thoughts with us.


  1. I guess if the url is memorable it serves as a mental leave-behind even if the email isn't opened. I just ran a quick test and the url wasn't clickable in Yahoo mail or Entourage. It was, however, clickable on my Blackberry Curve, once the email was opened. It just needed to at least start with www or http. Just running wasn't clickable. Even though it kinda works sometimes, I don't see a good use for it.

  2. Thanks for the test results Kevin. Let's see if having a URL in the subject line catches on or disappears.