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A Mysterious New Trend In Email Marketing

Games of chance, and the allure of winning big, have captivated humans for as far back as anyone can remember.  From the infamous, and often crooked, shell game to making it big on Wheel of Fortune, people love to take risks with the hope of a big reward.

I have noticed a similar big payoff reward in email marketing involving mystery savings. The idea is simple.  Offer your subscribers the chance to win big savings, cash, or prizes. All they need to do is click a link, go to a store with a code, or enter a code a checkout.  The catch is that only a small percentage of the recipients will be a big winner.

Below are a few email creative examples utilizing this idea.  There are a variety of ways that a campaign like this can be run. One way is to break up your subscriber list and send each segment a different offer.  You could send 50% of your list the worse offer, 30% the second worse, 20% the next best, and 10% the best offer.  The segmentation on this type of campaign is almost limitless. Have fun and take a chance on this type of email campaign! Let us know your thoughts and experiences with mystery savings emails.

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