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Please Pause My Email

We have all been here.  We go on vacation or on a trip off the grid and can't check email for an extended amount of time.  When we return our in box looks like a wasteland of outdated offers, now irrelevant messages, and other cyber waste.   DailyCandy has a pretty cool feature to help clean up, or rather avoid, this mess.  They offer a feature where subscribers can pause his or her subscription.   This is kind of like putting your newspaper delivery on hold while you are on vacation (for those who still get a newspaper) or stopping your snail mail for a set period of time with the good old USPS.

This looks to be a win-win.  Subscribers have more control over their email and will have a more clean inbox.   DailyCandy has a way to please their subscribers, send less  emails that will not be viewed, and can mitigate potential bounce removes. Nice!

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  1. Oh wow, excellent tips indeed. Well done.