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Emails and Thoughts From The Past Week - Week 2 - August 2009

Below are some NOTEWORTHY EMAILS from my inbox this past week. Enjoy!

Abercrombie & Fitch is doing something that used to be a no-no in Email Marketing. They are sending some of the widest side-scrolling emails I have ever seen. This works for them because the message is clear and the email is fun. This email was so wide that I had to break it into two images!

Do you have a Great Dorm Room Product idea? Submit it to Bed Bath & Beyond for your chance to earn $2,500 minimum advance on sales plus a percentage of sales for 20 years. The cost is $25 per submission. The submission fee goes to a company called Edison Nations.

This is an interesting idea and a good looking email. But, is it worth the $25 fee, especially for a starving or thirsty student? For those thirsty but thrifty students I found a site that calculates the best way to purchase Pabst blue ribbon beer in order to get the most for your money. The best deal was the half-barrel which came in at 2.2 cents per ounce. The most expensive was the 40 oz bottle. This will put you back 7 cents per ounce. Just an FYI.

I like how Smart Bargains used this Free Shipping image. The image is located at the top of the email, above the fold, and also uses clever text. Instead of just saying Free Shipping they reinforce the click by stating "Reserved for you: FREE SHIPPING. Shop Anywhere In This Email To Activate It." Adding the fact that the subscriber needs to activate the free shipping by clicking encourages the click - and eventually - the sale. Nice!

Newport News has a clever offer by letter the purchaser decided what he or she wants to do. You can buy now and pay later, get 25% off, or have free shipping for orders of $75.00 or more. I am curious to know which of the last two deals are better. I guess it depends on what the shipping costs are.

HSN (Home Shopping Network) is getting ready for the start of NFL football. This is one of the first non-sports specific marketers/retailers that I have seen promoting football. I expect to see a whole lot more as football revs up for the season.

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