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Emails and Thoughts From The Past Week - August 25th to 31st, 2009

Below are some NOTEWORTHY EMAILS from my inbox this past week. Enjoy!

Here are three subject lines that I thought were good.

Step On It! SHOE SALE - Now Up To 70% Off
this is from Blue Fly

Not Your Daughter's Jeans: Colorful Cords & Exclusive Denim this is from Nordstrom

She stole my plaid! this is from Abercrombie & Fitch

Many retailers struggle with gender specific emails when they are not certain about the gender of their subscriber. Retailers do not want to mis-market by sending a male and female specific email or vice versa. Saks Fifth Avenue and Ralph Lauren both do a good job here. The message is the same - Ugg boots and tennis gear - both genders and a children are given similar billing in the creative.

email marketing

Making sure all holidays, and not just the major ones, are a part of your email campaign is important. Eddie Bauer does a good job with this Labor Day email. It has some good offers and the creative is captivating.

Here is another Saks example. This stood out to me because it is not specifically about Saks products. It is promoting an MTV Award Nominee video. Interesting. By the way the subject line for this one is Marc & Chairlift Video Event + A Gift

email marketingI like the way Ann Taylor features the brands new designer - Perfect Pieces. This email is classy, catchy and is able to feature the designer products and offers a quote from Lisa, who is apparently the Head of Design, at Ann Taylor.

email marketing

Email marketers spend countless hours toiling over segmentation, email design, best practices, trends etc. and sometimes neglect the fact that once someone leaves your email they will hopefully land on your website. Once they are on your site they need to be able to navigate quickly and easily to find what they need and to convert. Bass Pro Shop does a good job by using this entire email to point out some of the features of their website. Now, potential and returning customers will feel more comfortable navigating the retailers website and also might checkout some of the features by clicking. The subject line is simple and makes it clear that is is about the subscriber. Learn more about what the Bass Pro site can do for you...

email marketing
Oops! It looks like this email from is a little late. The creative and subject line state that my complimentary pass expires on August 11, 2009 - in one day. However, the email was sent to me on August 26th...

email redeems itself with this clever creative. But, I am curious to why the numbering repeats moving left to right. There are two ones, two twos etc.

Many retailers try to make sure customers do not share their unique codes. This is not the case for Petco. The Pet supply retailer rewards customers for sharing their Unique Code. The code gives Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more. The subscriber who shares his or her code the most will win $500 in dollars.

email marketing
Kohl's is doing something that many retailers should do. They are associating their brand with another brand. In this example Kohl's is promoting its new line of clothing as seen on Entertainment Tonight. The subject line for this email is As Seen On Entertainment Tonight: Get the Celebrity Look for Less

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