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Put Some Pizzazz In Your Registration Page

Email Marketers live and die by their email lists. Having the right email registration page can make or break your program. Many email marketers try to be overly cleaver or overly stuffy with their registration pages - this turns off potential subscribers and customers.

I found an email registration form and process that is easy to understand, refreshing, comical, and honest. This is for the daily deal site ( is one of the four woot sites.,,, and Why not start building the relationship at the point of email capture? This is what does.

Here is how Woot does it.
  • One, the Registration location is easy to find on the homepage. "Hi, are you new? Start here." is welcoming and clear. If you are not new, you know where to Log in.
  • Two, the form itself is clear, funny, and not intimidating.

  • Three, if I make a mistake the error message is lighthearted and clear. There is no question what I need to do to make the form right.

Once I hit "woot me", there is not a Thank You for filling out the form, but I was redirected back to the home page where I can start shopping.

The next morning I received a Rich Text Welcome. This welcome was lighthearted and informative. It explained how the various sites work and what I can expect when placing an order, tracking and order, and what to do if I have questions.

Woot! Woot!

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