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Holiday 2009 - Your Plan For Success!

As all  email and online marketers know, Holiday 2009 is just around the corner.  This is the time of the year that can make or break not only a quarter or year, but a company. Do everything in your power to ensure 2009 finishes with a bang!  EmailMoxie is here to help you succeed!

Here are two great sources for you.

The first is The 2009 holiday marketer: Benchmark and trend report.  This comes to us from

Experian Marketing Services.   The 2009 holiday marketer: Benchmark and trend report has some interesting points well worth your consideration, especially for all of you email marketers out there looking to gain an edge on the competition this winter.

Taking a look at the data from the report, there are a number of relevant tidbits that merit a quick shout-out:

  • Email’s “eco-friendly” reputation may not hold as much sway with environmentally-conscious customers as you thought, so don’t cancel the print catalogs just yet.
  • “Surprising to many, Behavioral Greens, which are the group of consumers that are most green aware according to Experian Simmons, account for nearly half of all catalog purchases.”
  • Shorter really is sweeter when it comes to email subject lines during the holidays.  Take a look at the EmailMoxie post on this subject by clicking here.
  • “All industries with the exception of consumer products and services experienced the highest open rates when using subject lines of 25 characters or less last year.”
This report is based on data tracked from more than 4,700 emails from top 100 online retailers during the fourth quarter of last year. This guide includes benchmarks and advice on when to begin your campaigns, how much to increase your email volume, which days to send on, and how to stand out in the in box during the busy holiday season. 

Last year nearly 90% of major online retailers increased their email volume during the holiday season, with retailers boosting their send frequency by 43% on average compared to the pre-holiday period.  WOW!

Other topics covered in the guide include:
  • Cyber Monday 2008, may not have been "the biggest online shopping day of the year" as billed. But it was the most popular day of the year to send retail emails, with 70% of retailers sending at least one email on that day. Helping you make your scheduling decisions, the guide also details other days among the 20 most popular days to send retail email last year
  • You will also see examples of the "18 Phases of Christmas." This is the 18 strategies that retailers use at different points in the holiday season.
  • Tactics for standing out in the inbox, such as using video, which is an up-and-coming tactic, and animated gifs, which were used by 22% of major online retailers in at least one email during November and December last year.
  • Strategies to employ during the final days before Christmas, including promoting e-gift cards, which were mentioned in more than 20% of retail emails during the three days before Christmas last year.
  • Numerous examples of subject lines used last year during the various phases of the holiday season to help you devise your subject lines for the crucial November and December months.
  • Holiday header launch dates: percentage of retailers that introduced a holiday header, beginning on 10/20/09.
Hopefully this will help you to have a great 2009 holiday season. Remember, that the quality of email sent can be much more important than the quantity.  Be sure your emails are honest, timely, relevant, follow best practices, and done right!  Let us know how can help you make Holiday 2009 your best season yet!

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