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Short Subject Lines Are Hot This Holiday Season

A new trend that will be used more and more this holiday season is short subject lines.  A recent study found that in all verticals, except Consumer Products and Services, saw the highest open rated with subject lines less than 25 characters.  We are already seeing this trend.  One though on short subject lines is that the more white space to the right of the subject line, the more attention is drawn to the email and the more likely that it will be opened.  The jury is still out to see if this is true

Which subject lines stand out the most in this in box snapshot?

Here are some short subject lines I saw this week:

Sender –

Subject Line – Kingston Blowout
Sender –

Subject Line – Seriously – Save $10 today
Sender – Office Depot

Subject Line – HALF-OFF SALE
Sender –

Subject Line – These Boots
Sender –

Subject Line – See what's new in Sale!
Sender – Sephora

Subject Line – 4 HR BARGAIN BLITZ
Sender –

Subject Line – Get ripped!
Sender – Abercrombie & Fitch

What do you think about short subject lines?  Do you have any examples?  Have you seen this trend? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment.

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