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12 Days of Christmas all at Once

Many email marketers ran a Days Of Christmas campaign this year. This is when specific offers are only available on certain days. Below is an interesting email I saw from a company who was doing a Days Of Christmas email campaign. Now that the campaign is over they are offering the same deals on all days at once. This is a very interesting concept. Lets see if this catches on.

This type of campaign has some pros and cons.

The pros:
  • Customers can still get a deal they might have missed.
  • If the customer already purchased they can get the same deal again.
  • The end of the year revenue for this type of campaign is probably decent.
  • This is a great way to clear out overstocked and undersold items.
The cons:
  • I doubt the item will be shipped or received by Christmas.
  • This is another email to a subscriber list that has been hit pretty hard during the regular days of Christmas campaign.
Here is the email. It is all text. The subject line was Day 23: All Previous Deals Back for 1 Day Only!

Here is the landing page. All of the deals can be selected by day.

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