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You Are Checking Your Email On What? Top ISPs.

Like the many flavors of ice-cream, consumers have a variety of ways to check email.  But which is the most popular? Does Hotmail trump Gmail?  Does anyone use AOL Mail anymore? What about Lotus Notes 6?

Below is some information to help address these questions.  Before I provide the information here are a couple points to keep in mind:
  •  This information was pulled as of December 2009.  So, in a few seconds, hours, days, weeks of years – the results could change.
  • This information is from a very email active and large B to C clothing retailer with both an online and brick-and-mortar presence.

ISP       % of Total      22%      16%      13%      9%      6%      3%      3%      2%   2%   2%

It's important to note, however, that someone could be using a protocol to read their web-based email messages inside Outlook or another desktop client.  This would increase the share of Outlook and not that of the web-based domain. Aggregating the top 50 ISPs for this companies email list amounts to about 85% of the total list.   It is safe to assume that at least 15% of the subscribers are receiving and/or reading their email through desktop email software such as Outlook. A study in June 2009 of over 300 million email opens showed the following breakdown of email client popularity:

Email Client     Popularity
Microsoft Outlook     39.63%
Yahoo! Mail     15.65%
Hotmail     15.35%
Apple Mail     8.25%
iPhone / iPod Touch     5.78%
Gmail     5.51%
AOL Mail     2.76%
Lotus Notes 6     1.72%
Thunderbird 2     1.12%
Others     4.23%

The study was conducted only in email clients that display images by default.

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