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What Does the Future of Email Marketing Hold? An Interview With Jordan Lane of Email

Jordan Lane, founder of, was recently interviewed on the website Here is part of the interview.  Click here to view the entire interview with Jordan Lane. – Tell us a little about how started.
Jordan Lane- started as a place where I can put down my thoughts, observations, and learnings about email marketing- and share them with anyone who is interested. Email marketing is fascinating because it is always evolving and people are always asking what other people are doing and looking for examples. Email Marketing is like a big game of follow the leader. Everyone is looking at what everyone else is doing and them imitating them. For example, one question many of my clients, co-workers, and network friends would ask me frequently is what is a good creative for a welcome campaign. Instead of providing some sort of vague answer I created a post on my blog that not only displays 45 welcome creatives from the best in the business, but also lists the subject line and other statistics. (see the August 11 2009 post on is a great place to learn more about email marketing. It’s as simple at that....
Click here to view the entire interview with Jordan Lane.

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