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Offer At Unsubscribe: Desperate or Brilliant?

Personal has an offer on their unsubscribe page. The goal is to entice potential unsubscribers to stay on the list by giving them an offer.  This looks like a clever way to stop an unsubscribe - but it also looks like a act of desperation.   

Does it work?  Is it a good idea?  Share your thoughts with us!


  1. If there is no engagement or relationship with the consumer, then the discount will more than likely not stop the attrition. It might work if the promotion was unique and tied to the email address and only presented once.

    With promotional code as the basis for an engagement, the relationship is only as good as the coupon offer. Take it away, and you lose the customer.

  2. If your emails are only $ or % or shipping focused, then as your email subscriber, I have no idea what your brand stands for other than "We have discounts! Never pay full-price with us!" And if that was all I cared about, I'd do all of my shopping at dollar stores.

    Seriously, whatever happened to romancing the brand and non-discount persuasion techniques?

  3. Hi Deborah - Thanks for your comments. I agree. Discounting a brand can lead to training customers to only purchase when they are offered a deep discount and could jeopardize or minimize brand loyalty and brand value.

    - Jordan