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Adding Facebook Like To Email - The Secret Is Out

A recent hot topic in Email Marketing has been adding the Facebook Like icon and functionality to email. 

Here is how this works:

1-They can select the icon. This will take them to a new URL where the Like is registered.

2- They can select the icon. This will take them to a new URL where the Facebook Like is registered.

The simplest way and the one most likely to work for most users is to use the following code.

1. Change the URL to the page you want ‘liked’
2. Change the img location and upload your likebutton image.

This is still a new tool.  Lookout for enhancements and feature updates.  
Please email me if you would like a text version of this code.


  1. Glad the code all worked out for you Jordan, happy to help.


  2. Hi Jordan,

    I'm glad that someone figured out a way to do this for those that would want it in their emails. But it seems that in the grand scheme of things a bit over the top.

    Are we at a point in our generation that we must broadcast that we 'like' a certain email? what does that even mean? When a subscriber 'likes' and email, what exactly about the email do they like?

    If a subscriber really likes something they should endorse it. They should send it out to their network and say why they want other to see it. But i guess this is just a natural progression of people becoming lazier and lazier.

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comments :)

    Adding the Facebook Like is a current hot topic in email marketing.
    Will it solve world issues? - No.
    Does it make people lazy? - Maybe.
    Is it somewhat cool - Yes.

    Keep the comments coming!

    - Jordan