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Suspend Your Email Subscription

You are excited about an upcoming vacation or trip. Your subscribe to a million different email lists related to travel. Airlines, cruise ships, travel destinations etc. Then your trip is canceled or delayed. Boo Hoo.

Now you have three email options –
  1. Ignore the travel emails in your inbox and become inactive.
  2. Go through the tedious unsububscribe process or simply hit spam on all the emails that you signed up for and no longer want.
  3. Periodically open the emails and dream about the vacation that might not happen.
Recently I saw an unsubscribe page from a company called Vacations To Go that offers a nice forth options for the delayed traveler. They offer an option to suspend your current subscription and then choose a month when the subscription will restart. Vacations To Go also offers a frequency option of once a week, once a month, and every two months. This is smart – especially in the fickle and highly competitive travel industry.

Here is the opt out/out down page from Vacations To Go:

What other creative opt downs have you seen?

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