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An Email Marketer's Perspective On Promoting Twitter

So you or your organization has a Twitter account. Great!  But now what?  You might have a question or two that needs answering before you can really create synergy between your email program and Twitter.
  • How do you entice your customers, potential customers, and other interested individuals to follow you?  
  • Are you or your organization struggling on how to promote your Twitter presence? 
  • A great way to promote yourself is using email. But what should the email look like? 
  • What should the email subject line be? 
  • Should you include an offer? If so, how will the offer work?  
  • Why would someone want to follow you on Twitter?   
These are all valid questions and concerns worth considering before diving into Twitter promotion. Recently I came across this email from Dick's Sporting Goods promoting their presence on Twitter. They approach the subject line, email creative and offer aspects very clearly and carefully. Looking at the email more closely, one can see many best practices of Twitter promotion in action.

The subject line, "Exclusive 20% Offer – Follow Us on Twitter Now!" is direct, short, and to the point – it conveys the most important aspects of the email very concisely and also provides a call to action. Equally important, the email contains simple bullets explaining the value of following Dick’s on Twitter. Just as marketers should explain the value of signing up to receive emails on the registration page, marketers should use the introductory email to explain the benefits of following a Twitter account. This provides incentive to the recipient and also helps earn their trust. Lastly, the email provides an exclusive offer contingent upon sign-up, along with a clear call-to-action.

By making use of these best practices, Dick’s is doing a great job of promoting their Twitter account over email. I’d encourage all email marketers to take a closer look at examples like these and begin marketing their Twitter accounts more effectively.

Here is the email Subject Line:
Exclusive 20% Offer – Follow Us on Twitter Now!

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