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You Want To Know What? Are Email Demographic Forms Too Intrusive?

Email Marketers are hungry, sometimes starving, for subscriber’s personal information.  How much is too much on a demographic form? And how/when do you ask subscribers for more information in a way that they will actually respond positively?

I recently saw a great example from Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill of how to request a boatload of subscriber information in a seemingly unobtrusive and gentle fashion.  The keys are to make your subscribers feel needed, appreciated, and welcomed when they read your emails and when they divulge their personal secrets.  Also, in the case of Rubio's, they did not even have to give me a coupon or discount!  But, offering a discount can be helpful.

Rubio's sent me an email asking me to join an exclusive panel where I can give my opinion and advise the restaurant on what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what they need to be doing.  This in itself is a great idea and goes well beyond the typical subscriber survey.

Once I clicked through the email I was sent to a page where I updated my demographics, answers a bunch of questions, and join the panel.  The questions went well beyond the typical date of birth, gender, and location.  They also asked my marital status, eating habits, education level, how many kids I have, how large my bank account is, plus much more.  Makes the US census look like it is not intrusive at all!

The end result for me is that I did not feel like I was being hounded for the information and who knows, it might be kind of fun to see where this advisory panel idea goes.  Rubio's is doing something different in email marketing.

Here is the email creative.
The subject line is: An Exclusive Invitation for You

Here is the extensive demographic form:

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