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Printing Email Coupons Finally Gets Easy

It has been the bane of countless email marketers as to how to incorporate coupons, coupon codes, bar codes, and other traditionally offline discounts into email.  We want these offers and discounts to be easy to redeem and print, but how can it be done?

A few key questions come to mind:
  • Does the recipient need to be redirected to a separate, print-friendly landing page, or does the email link to a printable PDF?
  • Do they need to print out the entire email directly from their browser or from a screen capture? (This can lead to problems if the email prints on multiple pages or if the coupon gets cutoff.) 
  • Does the recipient need to write down a code and bring it to a store?
Starbucks recently deployed an email with a great solution to this age-old conundrum – they have print functionality within the email itself. When Print This Email is selected, the recipient's default printer displays. Printing is as easy as a simple click.  This solution not only makes printing email coupons easy, but also utilizes the subscriber's default printer settings which ensures a clean, readable print.

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